Why consider armpit detoxing at all? Why is it INCREDIBLY important to both detox your under arm lymph nodes AND make a permanent switch to a natural and non-toxic form of under arm deodorants, like yesterday?

First you need to get to know your pits a bit… we have so many lymph nodes just under the surface of our arm pit area and these little lymph’s have the job of fighting off infections. Lymph nodes pull out toxins and secrete them out of the body. When our under arm lymph nodes are continually coated with toxins like aluminum or blocked from sweating out the toxins they can become blocked and the toxins build up.

The lymphatic system

‘The lymphatic system is one of the body’s primary tools for fighting infection. This system contains lymph fluid and lymph nodes, which occur in critical areas in the body. Cancer cells sometimes enter and build up in the lymph system.

Lymph nodes are responsible for filtering lymph fluid and detecting chemical changes that signal an infection is present. When these filter points are in the armpit, doctors call them axillary lymph nodes.

As axillary lymph nodes are near the breasts, they are often the first location to which breast cancer spreads if it moves beyond the breast tissue.

The number of axillary lymph nodes can vary from person to person, ranging from five nodes to more than 30.’ – Rachel Nall, RN, BSN, CCRN

Here are is our self-care routine to keep your under arm’s stink free while also stimulating your under arm lymph nodes to work optimally in order to increase your immune system, fight off illness and decrease the risk of cancer.


#1 Go Non-Toxic – Switch to an organic, non-toxic deodorant (see my review and recommendations below)

#2 Exfoliate – A full body exfoliation is an amazing detoxer for all skin & helps with lymphatic drainage as well. Exfoliate in the shower 2-3 times per week

#3 Dry Brush – Use a dry brush weekly to stimulate lymphatic drainage

#4 Sweat It Out! Hit the gym and get your sweat on or sit in a steam room or dry sauna for 20-40 minutes

#5 Armpit Detox – Detoxing the lymph nodes is hugely important! Use this mixture for under arm detox… you can simply mix activated charcoal, bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and coconut or Argan oil – coat your underarms with it and let it soak in for about 30-45 minute and then wipe with a moist HOT towel – be sure to use a dark towel to avoid the charcoal staining the towel.

#6 Massage – Get a lymphatic massage or try an Ayurvedic Abhyanga self-massage

#7 Switch Your Soap – Skip toxic deodorant soaps with chemicals and fragrances– Opt for organic and clean non-toxic soaps, this means you should recognize ALL the ingredients and they should be natural. Use an organic all natural non-toxic soap that does not have perfumes in it. If you like scented soaps make sure they are scented with 100% pure essential oils.

Ok, Drum roll please….

We asked one of the natural doctors on our platform to weigh in on natural deodorants and here is the review:


“I have been testing natural deodorants for over 4 years, including homemade options. Yup, this long experiment has been a challenging one, but I feel so strongly about this that it was worth it in order to share my results with every single one of you! All in all, over the years I have tested over 100 different natural and non-toxic deodorant options. I am not going to list them all, only the winners and a review of a few popular ones on the market today” – Dr. Rachel Eva Dew.


Over the last few years I have tested and compared over 50 different types of natural, organic and non-toxic deodorants. I like to circle back around and re-test every once in a while to see if new and better cleaner options (for my body and for the environment) have been released. Here is my top reviewed deodorant products of 2019 along with the products pro’s and cons:

#1 – First Place Winner – Schmidt – Charcoal & Magnesium

In theory this one is my favorite because of all of the additional health and detox benefits that you get from the charcoal and magnesium. However, slight warning, it is a tad stickier then my #2 pick below so if slight stickiness really bugs you go with #2. This one smells great, works and helps detox you as well as give your body a much needed magnesium boost… for anyone who has ANY stress in life, this is very beneficial. You can buy it HERE

#2 – Second Place Winner – Milk & Honey – Coconut Lemongrass

Absolutely the best so far for performance. It gives dry pits and a non-sticky feeling. Excellent odor protection. Clean ingredients. Gentle on the skin. You can buy it HERE

#3 – Third Place Winner – Dottera

I absolutely love the Doterra products because of the non-toxic ingredients, ethical sourcing and plethora of research and transparency they provide on each product. The deodorants smell amazing since they are infused with high quality and locally sources essential oils. You can buy it HERE

Other deodorants tested…

Lume – Jasmine Rose

Somewhat stickier then others but worked for 24 hours and smells good! Buy it HERE

Love, Beauty & Planet – Argan Oil & Lavender

Sticky and stays sticky but works moderately. Leaves a coating on the skin – be sure to exfoliate after using this product. Buy it HERE

Crystal – unscented solid mineral stick

This is one that I REALLY wanted to work because I do not typically like stick deodorants because of the stickiness. I tried this product multiple times of a 2-year period. I kept circling back hoping it would work, it didn’t AT ALL L

Everyman Jack – Cedarwood

Do not recommend – thumbs down, to sticky and only hides the funk, aka covers it up.

The Healthy Deodorant – Vanilla Lavender (sold at Whole Foods)

Do not recommend. I SO wanted this one to be excellent, but it was less than excellent for sure. Did not keep odor away at all.

Native – Coconut & Vanilla (has some chemicals)

Moist but not sticky at first application. Nice scent but less clean ingredients than other competitors, still non-toxic. Worked somewhat well keeping odor away, however it did not stop me from sweating all day and getting my t-shirt wet. Buy it HERE

EO Organic Deodorant – French Lavender Spray

Love that it is a spray, excellent for delicate clothes that you can’t get sticky with a roll on or stick deodorant, and has a nice scent. Does not have strong coverage but works excellently if you wash your pits once and re-spray midday and after exercise. For those who hate any form of sticky or deodorant stick, this one is your winner. Buy it HERE


Do not recommend. Sticky and did not keep odor away, so thumbs down but major points for the mindfulness to the environment!