Alexa Wible

Personal Trainer

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise

Practitioner List of Services:
• Pregnancy exercise consultations
• Postpartum exercise consultations
• Pregnancy or Postpartum coaching sessions

Alexa had been working with clients & teaching group fitness for over 5 years when she became pregnant with her first baby. She quickly realized that there was very little guidance on pregnancy exercise and even less guidance for postpartum recovery. She wanted to be set up for success for the long haul and knew there had to be a better way than just trying to get your “pre-baby body” back.

Alexa immediately got 2 different certifications in pre & postnatal fitness, which she applied to her postpartum recovery and second pregnancy. The information she gained from her training changed her approach to fitness so much, she had to share it with other women who felt the frustrations of fitness in the pre + postnatal season. She teaches women how to listen to their bodies, how the core + pelvic floor is affected in pregnancy & birth and helps women with incontinence issues during exercise. Additionally, she is equipped to work with women with diastasis recti & pelvic organ prolapse.

Alexa has worked with countless women in a one-on-one capacity, started a small group training program for pregnant & postpartum women in October 2018 (Strong Moms In Training), hosted 3 Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Workshops locally in Waco, Texas, and created several online programs for women in this season. She prides herself on balanced, educated, empowering fitness guidance & advice that is realistic for mom life.

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