Akilah F. Flynn

Integrative Wellness Coach

Practitioner List of Services:

  • Free 15 min Consultation
  • One-on-One Coaching
    • Clarity Sessions
    • EmpowerMe Sessions

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Integrative Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Emotional Process & Release Techniques, Managing Thought Patterns, Self Development & Empowerment, Self Discovery & Awakening, Trigger Awareness & Coping Techniques, Mindfulness, Setting & Achieving Goals, Self-Love/Care, Corporate Wellness Workshops, Individual & Group Coaching


I am a Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner who is dedicated to creating safe and non-judgmental spaces for individuals to process, release, heal, and align with their divine authentic selves. Through coaching, I seek to guide each client on their own personal pursuit of holistic balance and empowerment, while intentionally shifting the narrative about mental and emotional wellness in all communities and workspaces. One of my core beliefs as a wellness coach is “the answers we all seek are within us”; therefore, my greatest desire as a coach is to hold space for my clients as they journey to find the answers in which they’ve been seeking all along.

My coaching approach is to guide my clients to personal healing, growth, and development. Each coaching program is inclusive with strategically planned coaching techniques, tips, and exercises designed to enable my clients to maximize their greatest potential while empowering them to achieve transformative results.

Adversity and hardship are inevitable. It’s a given that all individuals have, or will at some point, face a life-altering obstacle whether it be loss, trauma, illness, or change. Learning to navigate through life when faced with such hardships can be a difficult task, and can especially immobilize one from achieving a life of fulfillment. This is why I am dedicated to staying present with my clients while honoring what arises during each session, and exploring and creating opportunities for holistic healing, harmony, and success.

Having the courage to show up for yourself in order to work on your personal growth can be healing, powerful, and truly transformative when given the right tools; together we will work in collaborative effort down a path towards greater self-awareness, discovery, and positive change. You are the key holder to your healing, transformation, and success, and it will be my honor to act as your guide to unlocking the greatness you hold inside.

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