Did you know that stress is the single most negatively impactful thing to your mental, physical and emotional health? It also affects your ability to experience balance and success in ALL major areas of life such as; family & relationships, career & finances, health & wellness, even self-development & spirituality.

While there are many ways of reducing stress and you will need to experiment to discover what is specifically most effective for you, here are ten tips to reducing stress in your life, both conscious stress and the ones you may not be as consciously aware of –

1. Boundaries – be mindful of what you say yes to and what you say no to.

2. Practice self-care – taking care of your mind, body, emotions and your spirit helps you to reduce stress. Develop a self-care practice that includes things to address balancing and nurturing all areas; mind, body, emotions and your spirit. This includes things like healthy eating, regular exercise, meditation, prayer or mindfulness, connection with people you have healthy relationships with, having support and processing and releasing negative emotions.

3. Decrease traumatic and toxic media – choose to read vs. watch your news and avoid click bate with negative titles… they usually have traumatic or toxic images.

4. Practice time management – overloading yourself leads to huge amounts of stress, so schedule ahead of time and do not over schedule your days/weeks!

5. Let go of the idea of perfection and focus on more balance – striving for perfection often leads to stress, instead, try striving for more balance.

6. Decrease physical, emotional and environmental stressors – root out toxic chemicals in your foods, beauty products and home cleaning products as well. Replace them with better, cleaner and safer options.

7. Live a life that is aligned with your highest values – when we each live in a way that is aligned with what is most important to us it reduces stress. On the other hand, when we do what we think we should do or live the way we are told we should live but it is not aligned with our values this causes a massive amount of unconscious stress!

8. Get enough rest – sleep, relaxing and simply chilling out has a positive impact on both reducing and also managing stress!

9. Up-level your emotional intelligence – learn new tools for becoming a better communicator as well as being able to process your stressful emotions in better ways.

10. Practice stress reduction, stress management and ALSO increasing your capacity to deal with life’s stressors – we cannot live in a bubble and control the world, this means we also need to learn skills that help us to deal with stress appropriately as it arises while also actively working to live a more balanced and less stressful life.

The bottom line is it is time to intentionally address all stress – both the stress that are consciously aware of, and also the ones you may be unaware are affecting you.